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In addition to our private surf lessons, we offer several other ways to continue having fun and progressing. Our warm and welcoming professional native instructors provide surf lessons that gently accessible for all levels, age and ability to ensure safety and quality. Take to the waves at one of Bali’s most beautiful beaches for a 2-hour surfing lesson at Kuta Beach. Master the basics with the help of an expert instructor, then head into the water to practice your newfound surf skills and perhaps catch your first wave! Lessons are suitable for complete beginners and are limited to four students per instructor.


We were a bit worried about the weather but the wetsuits kept us super warm and comfortable too. Adam doesn’t know this but I proposed right after we got back from our surfing class. So Adam, thanks for brightening our day and setting up one of the most memorable moments of our lives!

He was featured in the popular Hollywood film titled “North Shore” which debuted in 1987. After 18 years of professional surfing, he retired and decided to start a surf school. After we push you into the wave you’ll hear us yell excitedly “stand up! ” You’ll then use the technique we taught you on land to stand up on your board.

Awesome Experience!!

The teachers were really nice, really patient, and the kids loved them. There were two teachers for 4 kids, though I don’t know if it’s always such a small group of kids, as it was the end of summer vacation. The teachers and the owner were very helpful, very prepared, had a nice canopy for shade, seating, drinking water, and sunscreen for the kids and their families. Since we are a surf school founded by a former professional surfer you can also sign up to get surf lessons with a professional surf instructor.

Our experienced surf instructors are trained to teach kids of all ages. We’ll start the lesson with a slideshow where you will be learning the basic techniques of surfing along with a brief safety overview. We’ll also provide you with reef shoes and a rash guard. We are passionate about creating the opportunity for you to begin a positive relationship with the ocean. Your safety is our first priority, and our highly qualified instructors have an amazing ability to make you feel comfortable in the water. We will be staying waist to chest deep in the water for all beginner lessons, and first and foremost chatting about safety on the beach before we get in the water.

Private One-On-One

Spend the day exploring some of Bali’s scenic highlights and take some enviable photos back home with you on this private tour. Get around the island in your own private vehicle, with a private driver behind the wheel. See Mount Agung looming over the island from the iconic Lempuyang Temple, otherwise known as the Gate of Heaven. Walkthrough verdant jungle along a river to Tukad Cepung, a scenic hidden waterfall ensconced in a cave. Visit a coffee plantation, stroll through rice fields, and explore the sights of the Tegalalang Valley.

YOU SURF. We can almost guarantee, that at the end of one week of surf course, you will be able to take-off and surf a whitewater , even a small green wave, standing up like a real surfer. Also intermediate and advanced surfers will most likely achieve what they came for. Especially Los Angeles Surf Lessons has proven to be highly effective, because posture-, motion-or timing-flaws as seen from the spectators view are 5x easier to correct for the student. Usually, one lesson won’t be enough to go surfing without an instructor. After roughly 5-10 surf lessons, you’ll start to develop the skillset to surf by yourself. As a family-owned business with over 25 years of experience, we offer surf lessons that are guaranteed to have you riding waves while staying safe.

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