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We’re also happy to refer cases we don’t handle to competent and trustworthy attorneys in our large and varied network. We have the legal experience, the securities industry background, and regulatory knowledge and experience to help you even the playing field and obtain the maximum financial recovery of your investment. We can help investors nationwide with exceptional personal service whether you are meeting us in person or virtually. At SSEK Law Firm, our investment fraud attorneys assess your case to ensure you get back what is rightly yours. Essentially these kinds of bonds turn the bank into an intermediary between the homebuyer and the investment company. The investor buying mortgage-backed security is lending the money in question to the homebuyers.

I have worked with Robert Pearce on dozens of matters and have always been impressed by his creativity, energy and professionalism. Bob is one of the few very best lawyers I have worked with during my 30 year career. “Bob is one of the few very best lawyers I have worked with during my 30 year career.”

When you set up your account, you give the broker information about your risk preferences, as well as about your tax needs and income situation, and this should be the basis for the broker’s investment decisions for you. As big as the potential returns are, investment loss risks are just as big. As your broker may have told you, the stock market can have huge ROIs, but it’s also one of the higher-risk platforms. Carvana class action lawsuit have a clause that requires any disputes to be resolved through a process called FINRA arbitration instead of through the court system.

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For firms, a false or inaccurate disclosure could lead to a claim of defamation. When UBS Lawyers laughingly offered me zero to settle the dispute, Bob became even more determined to prove everybody wrong. Bob was extremely prepared, and always a step ahead of the opposing attorneys throughout the arbitration. In the end, Bob and I had the last laugh when the arbitrators awarded me almost 6 million dollars.

According to FINRA Rule 2111, a broker must have a reasonable basis to believe that a recommended transaction or investment strategy is “suitable” for the client. Discuss any problems, issues, and discrepancies with your financial advisor. Regardless of the investment fraud issue you are facing, the Law Offices of Robert Wayne Pearce, P.A., is prepared to handle your case. Attorney Robert Pearce has been personally recovering money for his clients for over 40 years. The Law Offices of Robert Wayne Pearce have a primary focus on investment fraud cases.

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Additionally, under the Investment Advisers Act of 1940, firms who receive compensation for advising others about securities investments must register with the SEC and conform to certain regulations. We know selecting an attorney to take on your investment fraud case is no easy task. Here are a few reasons why we think the Law Offices of Robert Wayne Pearce, P.A., is the investment fraud law firm for you. Public OfferingsIn addition to securities fraud, companies also engage in other deceptive conduct. When a company needs money it will often sell new securities to the public by making a public offering. Failure to properly disclose pertinent information is against the law and is a violation of Section 11 of the Securities Act of 1933.

What is a class period in a securities case and how is the class period determined?

Contact an investment fraud attorney today to begin the process toward financial recovery and peace of mind. Ignorance of an investment professional’s negligent or fraudulent behavior does not excuse investment firms from accountability. With the help of a knowledgeable lawyer, investors can pursue the recovery of their losses.

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While this is true to an extent, an advisor acting in bad faith will say this no matter what in an attempt to cover their own fraudulent actions. The facts and circumstances of your individual case will affect the extent to which you may be able to receive compensation. But an experienced investment fraud lawyer can help you determine how and what you may be entitled to recover. When an investor suffers losses to their investment accounts due to the negligence or misconduct of a broker, that investor can bring a civil lawsuit or file an arbitration claim to recover those losses.

Our lawyers can help you understand the laws surrounding an investment and the strategy for recovery. We can investigate what has happened, and where your investment may have gone, and offer advice about the best steps for moving forward. Securities laws are complex and involve state as well as federal regulations, and may involve firm-specific policies and securities industry standards. We have the experience and knowledge to properly advise you and aggressively pursue all claims. Has extensive securities litigation and arbitration experience — and an extraordinary record of helping his clients recover investment losses since 1990. When you establish this relationship with your broker, you can give him or her written permission to use discretion in trading for you.

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